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As a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist I work with a solution focused approach but recognise the importance of offering an eclectic mix of counselling skills in order to meet the unique needs of each client and their circumstances emotionally, behaviourally and socially.This may involve a strong directional component or gentle challenging of underlying presumptions.
Effective collaboration between counsellor and client requires respect of each individual’s mental and moral makeup and their experiences in life. I have worked with those who have sufferered from domestic abuse on all levels involving post-traumatic stress, low self belief, anger, anxiety, depression and isolation. I have worked with adolescents in a school setting suffering from
anxiety, depression, stress, anger, trauma, eating disorders and low self esteem.
I also worked for an organisation dealing with loss and bereavement

  • FdSc Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
  • ABC Level 3 Certificate in Counselling Skills
  • Internal Risk Assessment Training (Domestic Abuse Counselling Service Warks)
  • Level 2 Awareness in Bereavement Care (Cruse Bereavement Care)
  • Child and Adult Suicide and Traumatic Death Training (Cruse Bereavement Care)
  • Understanding Substance Misuse Training (The Recovery Partnership, Cov and Wark)
  • Eating Disorders Training Workshop (Integrated Primary Mental Health Service)
  • Mindfulness Training (Dr Esther Riggs)
  • Childhood Trauma and Dissociation (Dr Renee Marks)
  • Registered General Nurse (Middlesex Hospital)
 07720 286 604
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Therapists and Counsellors

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    Dr. Rosa Chillari

    Dr Rosa Chillari is an experienced and effective practitioner. She has a wide breadth of knowledge about the psychology of mind and behaviour. She offers you the most appropriate approach tailored to your needs. Read More
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    Kim Carr

    Positive Psychology Coaching using several styles including humanistic, cognitive behaviour and positive psychology. With a background in teaching, coaching and mentoring, I coach adults and teenagers, enabling them to create a flourishing and thriving life. Read More
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    John Earls

    I am a mindfulness teacher and therapist. I also work as a yoga and Pilates teacher. This unique combination gives me the tools needed to work with the mind and body as one unit. Read More
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    Heather Shipley

    Friendly, emphatic, calm and supportive. I truly believe that talking and creative therapies will help you experience a more positive outlook on life. I work with tools from both CBT and Emotional Therapeutic Counselling to be able to help you. Read More
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    Roger Green

    Roger Green is long-standing expert in Autistic Spectrum Disorders such as Aspergers. He works with children, young people and families. Read More
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    Clare Welch

    I am a fully qualified, professional cognitive behavioural therapist and trauma therapist. I work collaboratively with my clients in a safe and therapeutic environment, to enable change to aid emotional health and well-being. Read More
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