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Don't Diet!

The concept of the yo-yo diet. Loss – failure – gain – diet – loss – failure – gain…HypnoSlim® is a weight loss and loss maintenance programme that works in four one-hour sessions...in four weeks you are controlling what you eat and how you feel about food.

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Philanthropy in Rwanda, The Land of a Thousand Hills

"We set to work with our respective projects – Janice, a special needs teacher... working in the school giving curriculum support for the 3 teachers. Margo, working on supporting the registration of the charity with the powers that be in Rwanda... And me, working with Theogene on Income Generation ideas that will help to sustain the local economy in the future"

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Our Secret Garden

Lifeways can be a busy ol’ place at times! Occasionally, however, there are quiet moments and If I’m fortunate, the sun is smiling and I have time for a break, my favourite place to be is our beautiful garden.

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Why try Curative Hypnotherapy?

During curative hypnotherapy you are able to access your subconscious, instinctive mind, and identify the reasons why it is responding in the way that it is, producing undesirable, negative symptoms.
By reviewing the original event, You can then use all of your knowledge, to change your future responses if you wish to.

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Why Don't Men Talk

What have we done to our male population that they fear not being enough of a man? Why have we perpetuated social conditioning that equates not being man enough with toxic shame?
The result? Men do not communicate what they are dealing with, what they are going through.

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What is it like working as a Person-Centred Therapist?

My job as a Person-Centred counsellor is to find out... how the client experiences his distress.
What it is like for that particular client; what are his thoughts, his feelings and his behaviours, and, most importantly, to do this while putting my own assumptions, beliefs and expectations to one side. My aim is to focus wholly on the client’s experiences.

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Why you should include phytonutrients in your diet

Phytonutrients pack a real biological punch. Contained within a host of plant produce, the easiest way to up your dietary intakes is to eat three different coloured fruits, and five different coloured vegetables each day.

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Savouring the spring in Lifeways’ Garden

Have you ever noticed that when you are experiencing difficulties in your life, you tend to focus on them, often to the exclusion of everything else?
This includes all the lovely little things in life that come for free, the things that can lift your spirits and make it feel good to be alive despite your difficulties.

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My role as a counsellor to young people

For many young people understanding that we all have a range of emotions and that is part of being human, can help them gain a sense of control over sometimes overwhelming emotions. Building confidence, sense of self and self-worth is a journey and this journey can start in many ways, including counselling. Talking to a counsellor can provide an opportunity to talk openly to a trained non-judgemen

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Would you go to a therapist who had not had therapy themselves?

Someone said to me once “Never trust a therapist who has not had therapy themselves”.
Not everyone will agree with this and that of course is their prerogative. Someone who says, “I have never needed therapy” well that person is stating they are “sorted”, sorry none of us are “sorted”.

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