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Counselling can prevent Suicide

Last year on September the 10th 2018 highlighted World Suicide Prevention Day. Listening to the radio gave sobering statistics from the World Health Organisation that someone takes their life every 40 seconds equating to 800,000 people worldwide every year.
This is the leading cause of death in ages between 15 -29. How can I or you help?

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When Should I see a Psychotherapist?

Investing in yourself – should I see a psychotherapist, and will it be a good experience?
You may want to consider when undergoing a major life change – moving, career change, a new romantic relationship or bereavement. Talking through your experience with a qualified professional will help relieve stress, clarify your position and experience a whole myriad of feelings in a safe environment.

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Relaxation Through Learning Modern Calligraphy

Once you pick up that nib and dip it into ink, you open up a whole new world of gorgeous script. And the ability to relax and be in the moment as you concentrate on each stroke of the nib is a gift. It is not a competition to see who can write the best script, in fact, the slower and more attention you focus on writing, the better the outcome.

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Beauty of Making Natural Skincare

This is not another piece on the benefits of natural skincare. I want to focus on the benefit of making your own products and what a great feeling it is knowing exactly what you have put into the skincare you are using. And to explain how much fun it is learning about different ingredients, their benefits and the ability to develop your own formulations. Also tha

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Reiki is about the Universal Life Force Energy

I became aware of my energy, exploring how permeable it is and how through techniques, it is possible to be conscious and more self-aware. As I learnt the language, partly Japanese, to describe the higher the levels of Reiki energy, I became sensitive, connecting to plants, their high frequencies, connecting with animals their energies more-dense, their vibrations lower.

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How Can a Health Coach Help with Diabetes?

I am Diabetic. It took me time, but I had to find the strength within to ask for help, as I needed guidance to put me in the right direction again. Taking that first step is the most important as it takes tremendous courage to acknowledge that you need help, and this is indeed the start of a new chapter of your life, of both Physical and Mental Health.

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Why do people engage a Life Coach?

Often people call me, unsure of what they require. Therapy or Coaching are very different and as a fully accredited Psychotherapist and Life Coach I can investigate & identify an individual’s needs and will work closely with a client to ensure that together we identify what is the appropriate solution.

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Why focus on men?

Alex Golabek works daily with men of different ages and circumstances.
Their common denominator? Initial resistance to reaching out for support.
When asked why, there are a myriad of reasons, but the most common are: shame, shame, lack of self-acceptance in situations where admitting to having an issue is central to feeling better.

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How can Mindfulness help Farmers

Farming can be a stressful and isolating profession that demands long hours of work. Because of this, those working in agriculture are susceptible to poor mental wellbeing as highlighted in the recent Mind Your Head campaign.
Recent reports have highlighted how big this issue is as figures revealed as many as one agricultural worker a week dies by suicide.
How can Mindfulness help?

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6 Myths About Psychotherapy

What is the role of a psychotherapist? What might you expect when working with one?
Alex Golabek writes about the 6 most common myths surrounding psychotherapy, and why we all need to take a closer look at our mental health and speak out.

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