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We Can Always Make A Difference!

I’ve been finding it easy to be a bit jaded at the moment, given world events. My heart soared when I heard about the Swiss KlimaSeniorinnen, the older women who sued Switzerland to demand climate action. I’d fallen into the trap of thinking that the changes Mother Earth needs will be instigated by “the younger generation”. In this instance, being wrong can be very motivating!

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Find Peace and Joy in Moments of Stillness

I wonder how many of you might spend a bit too long scrolling mindlessly through your social media feeds? Confession time – I know I do!

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Life, the Menopause and Everything.

There was a poetry competition every Spring Term at our daughters’ junior school. Without fail, every year, someone would have learned “Warning”, by Jenny Joseph, relishing the lines about wearing purple and learning to spit! I was amazed to learn that Jenny wrote it aged 29 in 1961. The poem has certainly stood the test of time.

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The perimenopause, the menopause and everything in between.

Some women sail through this change of life with no issues at all, some women have symptoms but in general, they don’t affect them that much; whilst others may have an horrendous time with physical and mental issues that affect them every minute of the day. Any of this sound familiar to you? Whichever category you may (or may not) fit into in, if the title of this blog has resonated with you, then

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Permission to Talk – I’m a man

Changing The Myth ‘Sexual Abuse doesn’t Happen to Men’

As I sit here, paused before typing, I am aware that I am not really an academic person. So, when asked to write a blog about working with men and their experiences of therapy in relation to sexual abuse, I am left with the conclusion that I would rather write from the heart. This I feel is what I do best and I will of course include some facts, but I would like the reader to really understand my

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Those Debilitating Thoughts

Do you wake up and wonder why you are feeling in a bad mood even though it appears nothing obvious has occurred to put you in this mood?

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The impact of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ education system

Clinical Psychologist and mother, Dr Hayley Smith, shares her concerns about how the current education system is failing children.

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Tips for dealing with ‘Pesky’ Behaviour

Children’s behaviour can sometimes drive us up the wall! But I have found that If we deal with different types of behaviour in different ways, we are more likely to get the results we want in our children. As a rule of thumb, I choose to do one of two things - Ignore behaviour or Praise It.


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The Healing Power of Nature

The Healing Power of Nature by Lucy James
This morning, I finally did the thing that, for the past two years, I have been promising myself I would do: I witnessed the world awakening.
Rewind seven hours and I am standing bare footed on the wet earth, cadences of the dawn chorus and the first flow of sunrise dripping simultaneously through the trees.

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