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ADHD and ADD in Children

When I first started working with children we identified some children as inconsequential. These children displayed impulsive behaviour. They would often repeat the same behaviours which had got them in trouble again and again.

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Meet the Team - Ally Purchon, Acupuncturist

Visitors to Lifeways often comment on the friendly atmosphere which is in no small way down to the team of therapists who work here and share their positivity on a daily basis.

In a series of interviews introducing Lifeways therapists and counsellors, we find out more about them and what brought them to their particular line of work. First up is acupuncturist, Ally Purchon.

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Pathological Demand Avoidance in Children

The trouble with initials is that they can have too many meanings. Medically PDA stands for a condition called Patent Ductus Atteriosus while the urban dictionary defines PDA as Public Display of Affection. In this country PDA stands for Pathological Demand Avoidance. This is a syndrome which is controversial – although if your child is born with PDA you will certainly recognise it.

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Realistic Hope and Resilience

We all need to understand how to build resilience. In the face of chronic or life limiting illness, this may be achieved by finding realistic hope and, when faced with issues of mortality, it is our choice of response that empowers us to recover from difficulties.

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Emotional Resilience for Children

We all want our children to be happy and healthy. How can we really tell if they have something on their minds? Are they feeling anxious, are they not telling us something, are they able to articulate how they feel? Feeling low, angry and not sure why, do they understand emotions and how they affect themselves and others?

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Help, my child is Autistic

It can happen to so many parents. They are worried that their child has developed some problems. They are referred to CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services). The clinical psychologist meets them after the initial assessment and explains that their child is on the autistic spectrum. They feel shock, panic and bewilderment. They find it hard to take in the information given and

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Counselling can prevent Suicide

Last year on September the 10th 2018 highlighted World Suicide Prevention Day. Listening to the radio gave sobering statistics from the World Health Organisation that someone takes their life every 40 seconds equating to 800,000 people worldwide every year.
This is the leading cause of death in ages between 15 -29. How can I or you help?

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When Should I see a Psychotherapist?

Investing in yourself – should I see a psychotherapist, and will it be a good experience?
You may want to consider when undergoing a major life change – moving, career change, a new romantic relationship or bereavement. Talking through your experience with a qualified professional will help relieve stress, clarify your position and experience a whole myriad of feelings in a safe environment.

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Relaxation Through Learning Modern Calligraphy

Once you pick up that nib and dip it into ink, you open up a whole new world of gorgeous script. And the ability to relax and be in the moment as you concentrate on each stroke of the nib is a gift. It is not a competition to see who can write the best script, in fact, the slower and more attention you focus on writing, the better the outcome.

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Beauty of Making Natural Skincare

This is not another piece on the benefits of natural skincare. I want to focus on the benefit of making your own products and what a great feeling it is knowing exactly what you have put into the skincare you are using. And to explain how much fun it is learning about different ingredients, their benefits and the ability to develop your own formulations. Also tha

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