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Covid-19 Update

In line with government guidance we are closing Lifeways house for Lockdown from November 5th, but will still be able to offer support for those seeking online therapies – we feel it is vital to be doing this during this difficult time.

We are always happy to signpost you towards any support you need. Please check this website under the Therapies tag for contact details to those who can help you. If you need further guidance, we are happy to answer queries on 01789 292052.

We hope to be back up and running as soon as possible.

Keep Safe

James and Angela.

The Latest

Recipe for Healthy Sugar-free Ayurvedic Apple Chutney

An ideal condiment to add to your foods this season and a perfect way to use some of the many windfalls we still see in our gardens and the countryside around us!

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Anxiety Is Your Lookout

Did you know that anxiety is a type of anchor? It is a mental anchor, which is associated with the unwanted feelings caused by memories or events that have caused us distress in our past. So, whenever something happens in the present that might remind us of those feelings, our anxiety anchor is quick to act.

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New Hope in Lockdown

On the evening of Monday 23rd March, I made a dash down to our office where I speedily packed up bags and boxes with whatever I thought I might need to run a counselling service from my house. Over the previous few days, the New Hope team had tried to imagine and plan ways we could continue during lockdown. Then it happened.

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Building Resilience in Children

‘Children are very resilient’ we say. This is a comforting myth. The truth is some children are naturally resilient and others are not. When setbacks happen children are, of course, affected. I have been working with children for over fifty years now so these observations are based on my personal experience.

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10 Reasons to be Cheerful

Belinda Wells, one of Lifeways counsellors shares her inspirational advice for a happier day.

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Lockdown - the positives

During this time of upheaval and change, it is good to remember the beneficial things that have come about recently to contrast with the news we hear on a daily basis.

James Pavitt, Lifeways Manager, reflects on the positives.

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Using Positive Psychology to help you through this tricky time.

Positive Psychology coaching enables individuals to look at their lives as a whole and find ways to use their strengths to build a life where they are thriving and flourishing.
During these uncertain times, this can feel like quite a challenge.

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A Time for Everything – finding wellness during lockdown

Jasmin Earnshaw is a therapist and Bodyworker and Qigong practitioner who brings together breath work, massage and music for wellbeing. Jasmin has a wealth of ideas for those looking for holistic and natural ways to thrive during lockdown. She has teamed up with Clare Cameron, a flower essences practitioner, to suggest resources and practical ways for self-development and wellbeing.

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My first Blog Post, by James, Lifeways Manager

Lifeways' Manager, James, considers some of the reasons why this is the best job of his life.

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