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How does curative hypnotherapy work and treat a variety of conditions?

During curative hypnotherapy you are able to access your subconscious, instinctive mind, and therefore able to identify the reasons why your subconscious is responding in the way that it is, producing undesirable, negative symptoms.

This is achieved by reviewing the original event that led to these subconscious responses. You can then use all of your knowledge, gained from the following years to establish whether the response at the time of that original event was the most appropriate or not.

It is then possible to change the response to the original event and therefore all future responses, should you wish to do so, leading to a resolution of the problem and all of the associated symptoms.

You may wish to share with your therapist the subconscious causes for the condition, or in line with the principles of ‘content free’ hypnotherapy, decide against it. You are under no obligation to reveal details of past events.


What does a session of curative hypnotherapy feel like?

During the session you will feel deeply relaxed and calm and will find that it is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience, similar to day dreaming or meditation. The difference being that your awareness will be heightened.

It is important that curative hypnotherapy isn't confused with stage hypnotism where the participant appears to have no control. This is entirely misleading as stage hypnotism is a magic trick based on hypnosis.

At every point in curative hypnotherapy you are in complete control of the therapy and fully aware of what is happening. During therapy, I won’t make suggestions for you to follow but if I were to, you could quite easily take no notice and choose to return to a normal state of awareness, terminating the session if you wished to do so.


What does our subconscious mind do for us?

The subconscious mind controls aspects of our behaviour and perceptions of life that we are not consciously aware of.

Most importantly, as far as therapy is concerned, the subconscious is responsible for all of our emotional responses and the autonomic processes for example the digestive, endocrine and nervous systems that lead to the correct functioning of the immune system and all of our bodily functions.

So if we want to change the way any of these function, we need to work with the subconscious.


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