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You could say losing weight is easy, less in, more movement and that produces more out. Calories, sugar, fat, raw food… it really does not matter how you measure it, the maths are simple.

On the other hand, losing weight is difficult, if it was easy we would all be the weight we want to be. People want to be the weight they want to be and that makes them feel good about themselves.

What goes wrong with diets is human nature… it happens in all walks of life. Impose a set of rules on someone and they will break them. Even if they volunteer and even pay you for the privilege…they will break them. Perhaps not today or tomorrow but they will be broken. External Rules, rules imposed on you by others….do not work for long.

Millions do it all the time, it has become a lifestyle…. Oh, I’m on holiday in six weeks, time to go back to Slimming Watchers…. This is how diets don’t work! 80% fail in two years and 84% in five years.

Losing weight or even maintaining weight loss is a mindset. Most overweight people are likely to be out of control over the amount of food they eat and also out of control over when they eat it, even if they say they are in control. They may not even know how much they eat and even complain that they hardly eat anything and still put on weight.

The diet mindset tells them that they must conform to the external rules and barriers and then they will succeed. Most people find it hard to stick to a diet plan for any length of time. So, they wrestle with their conscience, creating stress and the emotions of success and failure sometimes/often with every mouthful of food.

Along with checking this almost constant battle, we also have the weekly checking in. That horrible place where their struggles are laid bare and one pound off one week, half a pound on the next creates a wave of public battling against themselves to further damage the constant battling of self to stay strong with rigid adherence to these external rules. That threat of weekly humiliation drains the resolve and will eventually lead to failure and feelings of worthlessness.

Then there is the unfair weight gain, an apparently strict week ends with no loss or even a little gain. Imagine the psychological damage that causes! Even their own body has turned against them in some kind of battle with a masterful and devious hidden enemy.asparagus 2169232 1920 1

There is another slope for the unsuspecting dieter to slide down to failure. This is the cheeky slice of cake or chocolate bar. They go to weigh in after a cheat during the week and still lose. Now they have a license to cheat the rules all the time! But it was a fluke!!!

It is also worth noting that these diets rarely say how to maintain the loss. They may call it maintenance, but it is really just more of the same rigid structure, likely to fail the longer it is endured.

Assuming the goal is achieved the advice is usually to just keep doing the same after achievement of the goal will eventually lead to breakdown of the diet. It’s the same rules and pressure on the person as if at the start and this leads to breakdown and consequent feelings of failure and worthlessness.

This is the concept of the yo-yo diet. Loss – failure – gain – diet – loss – failure – gain…

The issues of yo-yo diets are addressed with HypnoSlim. Here we have INTERNAL RULES, not ones of some external source of reward or punishment but internal dispositional setting of rules that allows you the client to take control. Disposition is your internal thinking and personality, your outlook and emotions. HypnoSlim trains you how to do it…


HypnoSlim® is a brilliant weight loss and loss maintenance programme that works in four one-hour sessions. So, in four weeks you are controlling what you eat and how you feel about food.

Lose weight or train….

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