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I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for 29 years, and in that time so many things have changed in terms of looking after a health condition that not many have an understanding of. 

There is a huge misunderstanding between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes, and the press and those who have the power to make people more aware regarding such a health condition seem to always avoid pointing out the difference between the two type’s. This leaves the general public a majority of the time not aware of how Diabetes as a whole can affect one not only physically but also mentally.

T1 Diabetes is an auto-immune condition which means that a person who has T1 has no insulin in their bodies and no insulin is ever produced.  No-one knows why this happens but it has nothing to do with one’s body or the lifestyle that they may lead. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and this plays a very important role in how one’s body functions.

T2 Diabetes is incredibly different as T2 can be brought on through bad diet and bad life choices, yet 58 per cent of those who live with T2 can prevent or delay their condition by leading a much healthier lifestyle.

T1 can’t be cured and it can’t be prevented, but even though both are incredibly different, the outcome of both if treated badly is extremely dangerous.

At times you can feel that you’re on your own, and you have no way of sorting out current problems you may be facing when living with a health condition or dealing with things that affect the way you live your life.  I have struggled and faced many battles not only with my T1 Diabetes but also with my mental health.

It took me time but I had to find the strength within to ask for help, as I needed guidance to put in the right direction again.  Taking that first step is the most important, and not only does it show how brave you are, but it takes tremendous courage to acknowledge that you need help, and this is indeed the start of a new chapter of your life which will take the weight off your shoulder’s putting your mind into a perspective of seeing a brighter future.

Working with a Health Coach is a proven way to find lasting success!

Health Coaches aims are to help support their clients in a real, practical way.  We are able to offer support and accountability, which will help reach the goals that you have set out for yourself.  Health Coaches can guide people to find a healthy lifestyle and strategy tailored to their needs.

Your Health is indeed your Wealth, and the race you run is your own so there isn’t a rush in making improvements overnight.  It is a journey, and every day you better yourself the more you will reap the rewards of what life has to offer you.  Always remember that you should never entertain minds with no room for growth, and you should always be the hero of your own movie.

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