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There are many books, articles, videos and programmes about the benefits of using natural skincare which are further supported by experts and specialists.  With many major brands now providing completely natural skincare products made with only natural ingredients vs those synthesised in a laboratory.  This is fantastic news as the wave grows stronger on us wanting to know what goes into our skincare products and feeling safe when we are using them.

So this is not another piece of writing on the benefits of natural skincare, that is a given.  I want to focus on the benefit of making your own products and what a great feeling it is knowing exactly what you have put into the skincare you are using.  And to explain how much fun it is learning about different ingredients, their benefits and the ability to develop your own formulations.  Also that it is a really relaxing way to spend time – being surrounded by gorgeous smells.

And it is a simple process to hand make your own products (I have included lip balm as an example).

Use The Best Ingredients

A product that has a label which includes the word ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ may only include a few natural ingredients in it or only a drop of essential oil (it is known as Greenwashing).  Always check the list of ingredients to make sure.  Or you can make your own and know exactly what is in it.

Produce for a Faction of the Cost

Good and high quality natural skincare products can be expensive due to the quality ingredients and time taken in developing the formulation.  Also beauty companies have marketing costs and overheads which you do not have.  So you can use the same high quality ingredients so you know they are chemical and synthetic free and still make your own at a fraction of the cost.

So Much Fun

Imagine being surrounded by fabulous ingredients, gorgeous smells and a few pieces of kitchen equipment and you are ready to create your own skincare products.  You get to be creative and really enjoy testing out different products – how satisfying!

Your Own Bespoke Productslisa3

You can tailor to your own skin type with many ingredients for dry, combination, oily etc skin.  Plus using the smells you like by selecting the essential oils and the benefits you want (eg deep moisturiser).  Plus they have mood enhancing benefits.  And if you have certain skin conditions eg eczema or acne you can select ingredients based on helping.

Making Your Own Products

That all sounds great but how easy it is really.  Well, let me show you how simple it is to make a lip balm.  All you need is cocoa butter and beeswax (soothing and protective), sweet almond oil (moisturising) and lemon essential oil for its lovely uplifting smell (and you can even add in a natural colour).  Simply melt the butter, beeswax and oil in a ban marie (double boiler), remove from the heat, add the essential oil (and colour) and pour into containers….and voila your own hand made lip balm.lisa4

Final Thought

When looking for formulas please use a trusted source, for example, someone who has their own natural skincare range or teaching school.  You can be more confident in their recipes.  And of course, learning how to formulate your own is the most fun!!


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