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Once you pick up that nib and dip it into ink, you open up a whole new world of gorgeous script.  And the ability to relax and be in the moment as you concentrate on each stroke of the nib is a gift.  It is not a competition to see who can write the best script, in fact, the slower and more attention you focus on writing, the better the outcome.Blog2

Craft has grown in popularity over the last few years as an escape from normality.  The opportunity to take time out and learn or practice a new craft skill has many benefits.  And Modern Calligraphy definitely falls into this category.  A chance to switch off your computer, put your phone on silent and relax by putting nib to paper is a real benefit in our constantly busy lifestyles.

Why has modern calligraphy become so popular?  Maybe because anyone can learn the style of writing, it is easy to access through books, online and workshops and gives you the ability to develop your own style of writing.  In contract to more traditional forms of calligraphy, modern does not have the rules and constraints so once you have learn the basics, you are free to develop your own letter forms. 

It is definitely a skill that should be practiced but you can be flexible and decide when you want to spend time on it.  Other traditional calligraphy forms take a heavy time commitment which may be difficult for many due to the busy lives we lead.  So how fantastic that when you have time, you can decide to continue to practice and perfect your own Modern Calligraphy writing style.  This is time for yourself to get lost in creating beautiful lettering, a real chance to be mindful and good to yourself.

You can take time out to create lovely personalised cards or maybe write a personal quote for a friend’s special birthday or just to sit and practice developing your own style.  Whatever the outcome, you will always benefit from the mindful time you take on Modern Calligraphy (or indeed any craft you enjoy and have a passion for).Blog3

Getting started is straight forward with starter kits available online and many youtube videos you can access which provides an inexpensive route to start.  When you are practicing, it is about the time you invest vs spending lots of money on expensive nibs, nib holders and paper.  Once you have built confidence, then the possibilities expand, including using wonderful metallic inks to give an unusual finish to your script.  Also using paint brushes and watercolour paints as an alternative to your nib and ink – now we are really getting fancy.

And of course, learning other forms of calligraphy including Gothic (what you imagine it to be), Italic (structured) through to Copperplate (the traditional style you see in very old documents).

Whatever style you choose, they all have once thing in common which is a mindful activity for you to relax and enjoy the moment you are in.

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