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1. Tell us about the range of therapeutic services that you offer.

I work in functional medicine as a nutritionist where I get to the core of the illness. My specialist area is the gut and as Hippocrates said ‘all diseases begin in the gut’. I have tremendous success with IBS and autoimmune conditions such as IBD, psoriasis, rosacea, thyroid diseases, MS, all skin problems, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gall stones etc.


2. Who might these services help?

The majority of gut related illnesses are linked to inflammation, so any person of any age may be experiencing consequences of constant inflammation related to the low immune system. Immune system disorders cause abnormally low activity or over activity of the immune system. The body may attack and damage its own tissues and may decrease the body’s ability to fight invaders making people more vulnerable to infections.


3. How long have you been working as a therapist?

I qualified in nutrition with a Masters in Medical Science in 2000 at Sheffield University. I worked in the community across all age ranges and cultures in Public Health Nutrition. I completed my PhD at Warwick University in 2010 where I worked as a module tutor on the Politics of Food and Nutrition. I have been working as a functional nutritionist since 2011 and found that this holistic approach to health very successful because food is used as a medicine and when the body detoxifies the cells become balanced and healing takes place. I also work with emotions, which we all have and this helps to get to the root cause of the illness.


4. What first inspired you in this form of therapy and was there any personal experience that led you to it?

When I was 14 years I spent 2 years in hospital with a condition called nephritic syndrome. I was taken to a holistic practitioner and followed the protocol which led to complete healing.


5. What might people expect if they booked an appointment with you?

I usually work with people for a two-hour consultation where I am client-led because we are all individuals and there is no one medical system that suits all. I explore people’s life from early childhood to present day and look at when symptoms first appeared. This is the way the body intelligently communicates that there is something is going wrong. I inform the client what foods to take out of their food plan and what foods will heal their specific condition depending on which organ is affected. A few high quality supplements are given to the specific organ in order to facilitate digestion which is fundamentally impaired. I discuss practical ways of detoxifying self and home environment, so the supplements and food can work properly. Emotional issues are explored so that people can take back their power they have lost step by step. I give people seven-day recipe ideas that they can follow. All of this information is backed up with PDFs on each subject and a step by step approach is taken. People have unlimited access to me until they get on the food programme. Laboratory testing may be carried out at Biolab.


6. What do you like doing in your free time?

I have done a lot of travelling and visited about 38 countries. I worked in Malawi as a nutritionist for about 6 months with children that were HIV positive visiting villages in the bush teaching the carer how to administer therapeutic feeding. I also worked in Sri Lanka post tsunami in 2006 for 6 months with children whose home was on the beach. I worked with children who were malnourished and had experienced trauma in their life. My main charity is the homeless in Coventry.


7. Tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I travelled across France, Spain and into Portugal on a Harley Davidson in 2017 and 2018. Couldn’t walk for a few days!


8. Tell us something that would make us smile about your work.

I always find it humbling and funny when people tell me about some major life change they have made in their life as a consequence of taking action about the emotion that has held them back, and made them ill. For example one lady said “ I only came to see you for nutrition and we put the house up for sale because not living near my daughter caused me anxiety so we moved to be near her. I am much happier and healthier and I get to see my grandchildren a lot more now I live near them."

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