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Covid-19 Update

Due to the most recent government advice, Lifeways will be closed from Tuesday 24th March until further notice. We will be answering queries over email info@lifewaystherapycentre.com

If you have any queries regarding arrangements with an individual therapist, please contact them directly. If you are seeking counselling, many of our therapists are continuing talking therapies by phone or through online appointments and so may be able to help you.

What unprecedented times we are living in. Whenever I watch the news (I try to only watch once a day now), I feel that I am watching one of the hard hitting, nail biting dramas I love on TV. Is this pandemic really happening to us, right now? Yes, I am afraid it is.

Utmost respect to all the NHS and front line workers. I cannot imagine what those kind and caring staff are going through at the moment. I so hope that they are all tested for the virus and receive the appropriate masks/visors they need to do their job.

Social distancing is an interesting concept. A week or so ago, when out walking with my dog, I was wondering why other walkers were giving me a wide berth. I suddenly realised what they were doing. Being very responsible and listening to Boris, I took their lead. There was me thinking that news had spread around the neighbourhood about my greyhound’s penchant for barking boisterously at any dog that walks past. I think social distancing is working very well and I applaud everyone that is taking these measures. It is quite amusing to see the look of horror on another person’s face when you turn into their aisle in a small supermarket - 'this person is reversing' back to the other aisle.

I mostly work from home, so my daily routine is not that changed. I am fortunate in that existing clients are happy to continue therapy sessions online - and I am very pleased that I can continue to support them during this difficult time. I am definitely missing being able to ‘get out and about’ when I want too; shopping, exercising, socialising with friends and I am looking forward to when normal life can resume.

I do have feelings of anxiety related to our current situation: how long will this last? Will my loved ones become ill? Are other people being looked after? How can I help others? What will our life be like over the next 6 months to a year? We need to abide by Government advice (see link below), look after ourselves and be kind to others. I try to remember the Circle of Control. Concentrate on the areas of your life that you can do something about (what we say and think, what we do, our attitudes and actions) and not the areas that you have no control over (what people say about us, our past, other people’s actions, the pandemic). As a sign I saw in a neighbour’s window recently said (alongside some lovely rainbow paintings) this too shall pass…


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