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These are stressful times. Do you have a really effective way to handle the stress you experience?


How relaxed are you right now?


If you're not sure, why not try Tibetan Yoga at Lifeways?


Tarthang Tulku describes the experience of being relaxed….

"We all have memories of times when we felt particularly alive. There is a sensation of acute vitality… The air pulses with life. Our bodies feel healthy and energetic, our minds clear and confident… colours are vivid, sounds melodious, and odours fragrant. There is a vibrant quality to everything. Nothing is fixed, and we feel spacious and open. We act with perfect ease and appropriateness." *


Sounds great doesn't it!?


We all try to relax in different ways. We go for a walk, watch TV, stroke a cat, do sport, socialise, or have a drink. We try to take a break from our everyday concerns.


But how effective are these methods? Maybe they work for us, at least while we are doing them, but they can be a bit hit and miss, and the results may not last for long. For example, we might find ourselves worrying throughout a walk in the countryside, so that we hardly notice the beautiful sights, sounds and smells offering themselves to our senses!


When we are not relaxed, if we look carefully at our experience, we can find a kind of tightness or rigidity. It may be a physical tightness in our bodies, or it may show up in the way we are breathing, or in repetitive thinking patterns; worrying about what happened, is happening, or might happen. If we really look closely, we may find that tightness in all three (body, breath and mind) is linked.


We can approach relaxation through each of these gateways… the body, the breath, or the mind. They all offer us a way in to relaxation.


Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga directly tackles all three, bringing our body, breath and mind together. We discover a new experience… open, flowing, calm and alert.


Tarthang Tulku says….

"The essence of this experience is balance. Kum Nye is the art of developing this true balance...

The unique value of the Kum Nye system of relaxation is that it integrates and balances two approaches, the physical and the psychological… bringing the energies of our bodies and minds together to function calmly and smoothly… it has a vital and lasting quality." *


Whoever we are, whatever our situation or background, we can learn to do this. Having really tasted relaxation, we can gradually learn to bring it into every situation, moment by moment… work, rest and play… even as we directly face and tackle our problems. We can learn to enjoy and appreciate much more of our lives.


Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga classes are now available at Lifeways. To find out more, contact Simon;

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*Tarthang Tulku (1978, 2007) "Kum Nye Tibetan Yoga - A complete guide to health and wellbeing", Dharma Publishing.

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