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Above me, a soothing, transient canopy of leaves, beneath me, a moist, ancient earth holding the promise of rebirth, year after year after year. I am attuned to and immersed in the true power of Nature; experiencing each element living, breathing and waking to its own rhythm, each in perfect harmony with the collective. I am experiencing Nature as she truly is:  peaceful, vibrant, the holder of a sacred magic that is there for us when we realise that we are intrinsically connected.

Nature is abundant with metaphors for healing and spiritual growth. In connecting deeply with Nature, we come to understand and accept the cyclical journeys of our own lives: the infinite process of death, rebirth and renewal; the eternal dance between darkness and light.  We come to embody the same unwavering faith and courage as the birds who take flight on tiny, fragile wings to far-flung places where they intuitively know they will thrive.  

Spring heralds a rebirth from the natural death and decay that takes place during the resting time of Winter. Hedgerows and trees are dripping with scent and blossoms; fresh lives are flourishing in nests and fields and riverbanks; last year’s caterpillars are stirring inside their cocoons, ready to burst forth from their secret darkness on new and vibrant wings. Beneath the ground, trees spread their nourishing roots whose silent strength enables the branches to morph and move with the changes that happen beyond their control.

Within this part of the new seasonal cycle, myriad other smaller cycles of death and rebirth are taking place, all the time.   Tomorrow, just after midnight, the moon will become invisible from the Earth, retreating into her own private darkness before emerging into the light once more, growing more radiant and more powerful as she continues along her celestial journey.  

Our own darkness is a holding space for growth; a space where our powers of transformation have the potential to germinate and flourish into new life when we provide an environment of compassion and unconditional regard for who we truly are.   Our own darkness is the metaphysical womb space where self-nurture, transformation and rebirth can take place, time and time again. Our true nature is revealed to us when we realise that we dance to the same rhythm and cycles as the trees, the Earth and the moon.

We hold the power to transform our darkness into light, to draw wisdom from our darkest Winters and to emerge, renewed into our own personal Spring.

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