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The Alexander Technique explores how balance, co-ordination and bodily awareness influence our physical and emotional well-being, and provides us with a tool for fulfilment and change.

Whether at work or play, in collaboration with others or doing our own thing, in sports, the arts or the great outdoors, it’s how we ‘manage ourselves’ in these activities that decides the outcome.

Using the Alexander Technique we can undo patterns of behaviour which might result in back pain, anxiety or other unwanted physical and psychological symptoms.

After three years full-time training, I qualified as an AT teacher in 2004, and have extensive experience of working with individuals and groups in applying this remarkable method.

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Alexander Technique

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    Paul Baxter

    I teach the Alexander Technique to facilitate personal growth through awareness in movement. By giving attention to our whole self in any activity, we can improve performance, poise and clarity of mind. Read More
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