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The Bowen Technique is a gentle form of bodywork that was developed in the 1950's by Mr Tom Bowen. In a Bowen session light moves are applied to precise places on the body. These can be made directly onto the skin, or through light clothing if preferred. Moving soft tissue in a specific way, the tissue and nerve pathways are stimulated enabling the body to initiate it's own healing process. After several moves you will be left alone for two minutes, before the next set of moves are applied. Often people find these intervals strange, but the more you relax and understand the treatment, the more you can appreciate and enjoy their importance.

Over my years working as a Bowen therapist I have helped to bring relief to people with many problems, ranging from hip, back and shoulder pain to various forms of stress, including anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches and digestive disorders.

  • Bowen Technique - 2007 BTA Bowtech (BAUK)
  • Remedial Massage -1988 Northern Institute (LCSP)
  • Holistic Massage - 2008 Cotswold Academy (ITEC)
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Bowen Technique

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    Caroline Balfour-Kinnear

    I have worked as a Bowen therapist since 2007, offering treatments to people suffering from a variety of physical and anxiety related ailments. The Bowen technique is a gentle, holistic therapy suitable for all ages Read More
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