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Lifeways is a charity which provides services to promote good health and wellbeing through natural healing, counselling and living a balanced lifestyle. We support a wide range of orthodox and complementary therapies and our visitors benefit from a variety of classes and workshops as well as the strong sense of community that we foster.

Over 80 therapists, counsellors and workshop leaders have worked at Lifeways during the past year. We are extremely grateful to them for using our facilities and supporting our charitable objectives whether it is financially or practically.

All therapists, counsellors and workshop teachers are carefullly vetted to ensure that they are qualified and insured for their practice.  DBS certification is required for all those working with children and vulnerable adults.  Where applicable, practitioners are required to be members of a professional organisation governing their speciality.

Many community groups and local charities also use our rooms and garden adding immensely to the vibrancy of the centre.

While always conscious of the need to be financially sustainable, a significant proportion of any financial surplus we make each year is reinvested in local community projects and charities. This is done either through providing free or subsidised room hire or direct financial support. Investment in modernising and maintaining our rooms and facilities is also a priority as we aim to provide a safe, clean and relaxing environment for our visitors, therapists and counsellors to enjoy.

Lifeways continues to grow and thrive. As life gets ever more complicated and demanding, our unique, uncomplicated and friendly approach is proving to be needed more than ever.

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